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ORACAL 751 provides exceptional resistance to weathering and fading for medium-to-long-term indoor and outdoor applications. If you like ORACAL 651, you will LOVE ORACAL 751! Great for use on boats, ATV's, vehicles, and other applications where durability is required. Thinner and more flexible than 651, ORACAL 751 is great for using on curved applications. It is rated to last up to eight (8) years outdoors when properly applied.

A few highlights: 

♥ Excellent weeding and release values
♥ Adheres to many metals, woods, plastics, and more!
♥ Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
♥ Glossy finish
♥ Thickness = 2mil

Note: Rolls are cut lovingly by hand, and measurements are approximate.  Colours shown are a representation, and due to variation in device screens and settings, may vary from actual colour.

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