Epson Printer Settings for Sublimation

When it comes to Sublimation, if your printed image isn’t crisp, your finished product won’t be either. We have found the best printer setting to get the best image and we want to share this knowledge with you. Before doing your first print, be sure to set these pre-sets in the settings of your printer. (This is designed for Epson, but may work with other brands as well, although we have not tested on any other than Epson)

  • Download and install the printer driver from on the computer or laptop you will be doing Sublimation from.
  • Open settings on your laptop or computer, click on devices and find your printer
  • Change paper type to “PREMIUM PRESENTATION MATTE”
  • Change Quality to “HIGH”
  • Click the more options tab Uncheck “FAST OR BIDIRECTIONAL PRINTING”
  • Click “MIRROR” so your printer will always mirror your image for you
  • Color Correction, set to “CUSTOM, and ADVANCE”
  • Color Mode “ADOBE RGB, GAMMA 2.2”
  • Set “BRIGHT” to 9
  • Set “CONTRAST” to 7
  • Set “SATURATION” to 15
  • Set “DENSITY” to 4

    You are ready to dive into the perfect Sublimation prints!
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