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Printable HTV - Dark or light Fabrics in one

Printable HTV - Dark or light Fabrics in one

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This is compatible with an inkjet printer and works with dark fabrics

8.5x11 inches



1. Prewash any fabric you plan to apply the htv image onto.

2. Create your image- do not mirror. 

3. Before printing, ensure registration Mark's are turned on. 

4. Feed the htv into your inkjet printer so that it will print on the blank side (not the lined side), then print

5. Load the printed sheet into your cutting machine

6. Select the proper setting for 'heat transfer, printable dark fabric'

7. Peel the printed image from the backing and place it print side up on the fabric. 

8. Cover the image with a sheet of parchment paper

9. Apply your design onto the project using an iron. Use 'cotton' setting, or 170c on a Cricut Easy Press. Press down directly on the parchment paper covering your image and iron each part of the image for approximately 2 minutes. 

10. Wait for the htv material to cool and then remove the parchment paper. 

* for longer lasting results wash inside out in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Remember that the ink used in your printer is not the same quality as professional printers and the image may not last as long.