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Cricut Glue Gun

Cricut Glue Gun

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You’ve never loved a glue gun like this before. Designed beautifully and built ergonomically for comfort, precision, and control, the high-temperature Cricut Glue Gun is your go-to for every DIY project. The smooth trigger and small-diameter tip make it easy to lay down glue in fine lines, small dots, and tight spots. And because it reduces drips, backflow, and unwieldy glue strings, you’ll have less mess in your workspace. Smart features include auto-off and silicone-protected tip for safety and peace of mind. Plus, an LED indicator lets you know when your glue is ready for use. Works with Cricut Mini Glue Sticks and most dual- and high-temp mini glue sticks.

♥ Compact, ergonomic design
♥ Designed to reduce drips, strings & backflow of glue
♥ Auto-off feature & silicone-protected tip
♥ Perfect for crafting projects & more
♥ Compatible with Cricut® Mini Glue Sticks & most dual- and high-temp mini glue sticks


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